Glutality and other Remote Healthcare and Telehealth companies poised for rapid growth in wake of Coronavirus crisis.

The latest Coronavirus pandemic scare has highlighted the fragility of the US healthcare system. People all across the country and world are being told by authorities to stay home if at all possible and avoid close contact with other people. In the aftermath of this crisis, expect to see a boom in interest in Telehealth and Remote Health Monitoring platforms, like Glutality. The questions are now being asked: “What do I do if I can’t go to the doctor’s office?”; “Is there an alternative to visiting a clinic for my check-ups?”; “How do I monitor my Diabetes if I have to avoid other people?” Remote Health Monitoring platforms, such as Glutality which focuses on Diabetic Patient Care, are providing much needed answers and solutions.

Glutality ensures that patients and physicians using the platform can maintain their Diabetic Care even in circumstances when an office visit may not be ideal. Not only does it allow patients to remain home instead of exposing themselves to more risk, it has the capability to free up valuable physician and clinic time for patients who may need pandemic related care. This, of course has life saving and cost saving benefits across the board. Glutality connects popular monitoring devices with a proprietary, turn-key platform that was designed by top health and tech professionals to be easy to use and provide unparalleled access and convenience. It is the perfect Remote Diabetic Care Monitoring Platform for Patients, Physician, Providers, and Employers.

Even before this unfortunate episode, the interest in Remote Healthcare platforms like Glutality was already one of the fastest growing sectors of the Health Industry. The convenience, effectiveness, and efficiency of these systems is being further highlighted as concerned patients weigh their care options in the face of a unique and uncertain situation. As is often the case, unexpected events result in rapid shifts in existing paradigms. This is very much the case with the Remote Healthcare industry that was already experiencing tremendous growth and is now poised to become an integral and indispensable part of the overall Healthcare infrastructure.

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