Remote Patient Monitoring
and Telehealth for Diabetics

Glutality is a Revolutionary Diabetes Disease State Management Program driven to inspire patients to make better decisions to keep their condition under control. Utilizing connected health devices and a Cloud Based Platform, Glutality provides health monitoring and support.

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Glutality Offers Solutions for all parties involved in Diabetes Disease State Management.

Are You…

A Diabetic Patient?
Glutality RPM provides the ability to manage your Diabetes from home.
A Healthcare Provider with Diabetic Patients?
Glutality RPM provides Real Time Alerts of Patient Health and Brand New Revenue Streams for Your Practice
A Managed Care Payer?
Glutality RPM provides Cost Savings and Improved Plan Adherence.
An Employer?
Offering Glutality RPM as a benefit to employees helps improve health and increase productivity.

What Is RPM

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a technology to enable monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings, such as in the home or in a remote area, which may increase access to care and decrease healthcare delivery costs.

What are the Benefits of RPM?

How Does It Work?


Why Glutality?

Glutality combines Connected Devices, Clinical Algorithms and Remote Support to their Cloud Based Platform to Provide Industry Leading Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring for Diabetes Disease State Management.


Cost Analysis of Glutality vs traditional diabletic care shows significant cost savings in just the first year. By using Glutality you are at the forefront of the Patient Data Generated, Value-Based Healthcare Revolution.

Glutality was designed with the “Whole Patient” treatment approach in mind. By integrating different devices and vital statistics, providers, patients, payers and employers can develop and implement more efficient and more cost effective Diabetic Care Plans.

Glutality allows for high levels of Customization for the most Patient-Centric Diabetic Care possible. For Patients, Glutality allows for full life Flexibility. Interconnected devices and our proprietary platform means a person utilizing Glutality can go about their lives with the Peace of Mind that their health and Diabetic Care is being constantly updated and monitored.


A system is only fully effective if its easily scalable for wide-scale and diverse use. Glutalitly puts scalability front and center in order to take full advantage of the coming advances in 5G connectivity and data speeds.


Glutality was designed with the input of medical professionals and licensed physicians. We didn’t just think of the How, but also Who, When, Where, and Most Importantly – Why. Glutality is easy to learn and easy to use.


Glutatlity’s proprietary platform works with a majority of the most widely-used Diabetic Care devices. Data aggregation from multiple devices powers Glutality to allow providers immediate access to patient information and to give patients more freedom to live their lives on their terms.



65% Readmission Reduction

Reducing the frequency of readmission saves time and money for patients, providers, payers, and employers. Less time at the clinic, more time living.


Preventative Action

The right RPM allows for preventative action vs reactive measures. By monitoring for early detection indicators, the right steps can be taken to prevent further issues.


Real-Time Monitoring

Detect issues as they happen, not just the next time you visit the doctor. The ever more connected world we live in allows connected devices to monitor patient and inform providers more efficiently than ever before.