The demand for Remote Patient Monitoring systems is set to sky-rocket. A full 88% of providers say they have invested or are looking to invest in and utilize some form of RPM in the near future. Glutality saw this revolution coming and developed its proprietary, turnkey solution with this in mind and is poised to meet the demand.

The team at Glutality consists of both healthcare and IT professionals who designed the program and integrations with the needs of patients, physicians, providers, and employers in mind. By focusing on Diabetic care, the team was able to create a full and robust system, tailored to the unique care needs of Diabetic Patients that improves not only patient lives, but also improves the level of value-based care being offered and ultimately leads to costs savings across the board. Early detection of key indicators, now made possible outside of a clinical setting with integrated health monitoring tools, leads to proactive care, which in turn leads to fewer clinic and emergency room visits. Over time this leads to drastic cost savings and more efficient and effective care.

With the number of adults in the United States suffering with Diabetes now exceeding 30 million and still rising, the need for improved means of prevention, detection, and treatment is greater than ever. Glutality is here to meet that need. The integration of Glutality’s platform with popular remote monitoring devices allows new levels of care. With improvements in wireless connectivity and coverage, even previously underserved areas of the country will have access to affordable at home monitoring.

Value-based care utilizing Patient Generated Health Data is the present and future of healthcare and Glutality is leading the way forward. Whether you are a patient, a physician, a provider, or an employer, Glutality has solutions for to take control of Diabetic Care.

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